Our Founder...
Monica Ibargüengoytia, MS, BS

  • Educational Psicologist, BS
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Master degree
  • Psychoanalysis Studies
  • 32 years of experience in education as School Director and Teacher in Mexico and Houston
  • Certified Teacher in Texas 

She created our LI4T Learning Method when moved to USA working as a Third Grade Teacher

The research was applied and successfully tested in STAAR Test students​

"Monica has an unparalleled gift and her passion for teaching is commendable. I have observed that she teaches everyone, from very young children to adults,with the same passion and knowledge.  I consider anyone who has the opportunity to learn from Monica very lucky (no matter the age)."
Tita Cubría
Lower School Teacher 
​The Awty International School

" I have witnessed extraordinary STAAR results with your students from Royal Elementary, as well as your example of patience, affection and solidarity with your students" ..."I cannot leave out your work at KIPP, where your passion for teaching spread to all levels, when you designed the Spanish curriculum for Pre K through 4th grade." 
Maria Agrelo
Spanish [email protected] KIPP Academy MS
Coworker at Royal Elementary and KIPP Academy

"Monica has an special gift for teaching, she loves her students, she has the experience and dedication that a teacher should have. She was not mistaken in choosing her career, it was and will continue to be her mission on this earth and every student and teacher who cross her path, will have an experience life they will never forget."
Claudia Liscano​
Coworker at Royal Elementary