A Look into us...


  1. Knowledge: ability to understand yourself and your environment.
  2. Constancy: use the time in a enriching and constructive way.
  3. Enrichment: as individuals and institution, in order to be able form others.
  4. Fun: Taking great delight in this wonderful life. Dream it, speak it and live it.
  5. Committed work: is the most effective tool to achieve goals and personal fulfillment.
  6. Continuous education: unquenchable thirst and unlimited horizon.  


  • Teach modern languages in order to achieve high cognitive and meta cognitive levels.​​
  • Qualified staff in educational, social, technological and emotional areas.
  • Comprehensive academic programs.
  • Our essence and foundation is work with an interdisciplinary methodology.  


  • Be recognized as leaders in teaching modern languages. Providing a methodology of cognitive tools, in order to achieve an enjoyable process of learning.